(Arabic: جمهورية السودان Jumhūrīyat as-Sūdān), is a country in north-east Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. It is the third largest country in Africa. The River Nile divides the country into eastern and western halves. Its predominant religion is Islam.

Sudan was home to numerous ancient civilizations, such as the Kingdom of Kush, Kerma, Nobatia, Alodia, Makuria, Meroë and others, most of which flourished along the Nile. During the pre-dynastic period Nubia and Nagadan Upper Egypt were identical, simultaneously evolved systems of pharaonic kingship by 3300 BC. By virtue of its proximity to Egypt, the Sudan participated in the wider history of the Near East inasmuch as it was Christianized by the 6th century, and Islamized in the 15th. As a result of Christianization, the Old Nubian language stands as the oldest recorded Nilo-Saharan language (earliest records dating to the 9th century). Sudan was the largest country in Africa and the Arab world until 2011, when South Sudan separated into an independent country, following an independence referendum. Sudan is now the third largest country in Africa (after Algeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and also the third largest country in the Arab world (after Algeria and Saudi Arabia).


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Sudan Prime Minister Hamdok Names New Cabinet

Beijing News 09 Feb 2021
The new cabinet includes leaders of rebel groups that signed a peace agreement with the government in the South Sudan capital, Juba, in October. In a nationally televised announcement Monday night, Hamdok named the 20 new ministers, including Darfur rebel leader Gibril Ibrahim as finance minister.

Sudan's PM reshuffles Cabinet to add rebel ministers

Beaumont Enterprise 08 Feb 2021
Hamdok announced his new Cabinet, which includes ministers from the Sudan Revolutionary Front, an alliance of armed groups, in a televised news conference in the capital, Khartoum ... He is the leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, which is part of the Sudan Revolutionary Front ... The three groups are members of the Sudan Revolutionary Front.

Sudan’s prime minister names new cabinet

Al Jazeera 08 Feb 2021
Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok appointed Darfur rebel leader Gibril Ibrahim as finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle on Monday. Hamdok announced his new cabinet, which includes ministers from the Sudan Revolutionary Front, an alliance of armed groups, in a televised news conference in the capital, Khartoum.

Dozens of Sudanese protesters burn Israeli flag in rally against normalization

Press TV 04 Feb 2021
Demonstrators took to the streets in the capital, Khartoum, on Wednesday evening, chanting slogans against Israel and in condemnation of normalization, Lebanon-based and Arabic-language al-Manar television network reported. Sudan agreed to normalize ties with Israel in October last year and an Israeli delegation visited Khartoum the following month.

AP PHOTOS: War forces thousands of Ethiopians into Sudan

Kearney Hub 21 Dec 2020
Refugees who fled the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region ride a bus going to the Village 8 temporary shelter, near the Sudan-Ethiopia border, in Hamdayet, eastern Sudan, Tuesday, Dec ... Men who fled the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region watch the news on a television, at Umm Rakouba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Saturday, Dec.

Quotes of the Day from Xinhua World News, Dec. 15

China.dot.org 15 Dec 2020
"The Somali government, on the basis of its sovereignty, international law and order, and fulfilling its constitutional duty to safeguard the unity, sovereignty and stability of the country, has decided to sever diplomatic relations with the Government of Kenya," Dubbe said in a speech broadcast live on Somali state television.

Record number of journalists jailed worldwide

CPJ 15 Dec 2020
Tigranyan men who fled fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region watch the news on a television, at Umm Rakouba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan on December 5, 2020 ... CPJ defines journalists as people who cover the news or comment on public affairs in any media, including print, photographs, radio, television, and online.

Sources: Gantz stopped army officers from joining Israel delegation to Sudan

Middle East Monitor 25 Nov 2020
Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz refused to allow senior security and military officials from joining the Israeli delegation that visited Sudan on Monday,� ...

Ethiopia tells Tigrayans to ‘save themselves’ ahead of assault on capital

The Irish Times 22 Nov 2020
“We want to send a message to the public in Mekelle to save themselves from any artillery attacks ... Tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees have already fled across the border into neighbouring Sudan. Images broadcast on national television during Col Tsegaye’s statement showed Ethiopian forces marching into battle, handling heavy weaponry ... .

Sudan To Offer 27 Oil Concessions In Global Bidding Round

Oil Price 16 Nov 2020
The government of Sudan plans to offer to investors concessions of 27 oil blocks in the country via a ...

Rebel leaders who inked deal with government return to Sudan

Beaumont Enterprise 15 Nov 2020
3 after months of arduous negotiations in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. Al-Hadi Idriss, head of the rebel front, told a televised news conference in Khartoum that their return to Sudan “means that we have become part of the transitional government.” ... Additionally, the front's armed factions are to be integrated into Sudan’s armed forces.

Ethiopia's Escalating Military Offensive Raises Specter of Civil War

Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2020
More than 500 Ethiopians have been killed in fighting across the northern Tigray province in recent days, according to state television, while some 7,000 people have fled into Sudan, according to the United Nations.

TV news depicted Bollywood as a den of illegal drug use. Now, India’s stars are fighting back

Gulf News 08 Nov 2020
Night after night, prime-time television anchors in India described the country’s beloved Hindi movie industry - known as Bollywood - as a den of illegal drug use, mixing innuendo and sensationalism to boost their own ratings ... an engineering dropout who spent years acting in television shows and was on the cusp of superstardom in Bollywood.